Vanessa Scott

Vanessa Scott
Vanessa Scott is passionate about young people volunteering as a Youth Dance Director since 2001; teaching hundreds of children, ages 3-25, the gift of praise dance.
In 2010 one of her 15 year old students was sold into the Bay Area sex trafficking industry. Although she was eventually located and is now being restored, Vanessa encountered many other children and young adults who, like her student, were US born women, men and children trapped in modern day slavery.
Her response was to launch Love Never Fails, a nonprofit dedicated to the restoration, education and protection of young people at risk or currently being sexually exploited.
Vanessa is an accomplished Sr. leader at A silicon Valley high tech company as well as a Mom of two children, singer, song writer and musician. She graduated from University of San Francisco and is pursing a Doctorate in Psychology, Though successful, Vanessa has experienced first hand what it means to be a foster child, on welfare, abused and abandoned. She believes the issue of sex trafficking will be solved with committed demonstration of love through prayer, safe housing, mentoring, job training, outreach and education; all services that Love Never Fails provides.
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