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Van Waller

(Don’t Just Dream about a Better Day – Do Something about It!)

 Van was born with a serious skin disorder for which doctors prescribed medication that eventually caused him to lose his eye sight.  While attending a school for the blind, he learned to use a red-tipped cane to get around on his own. Struggling through rejection by his peers, loneliness and thoughts of suicide, he found himself sleeping in the back seat of his car.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
Hear the rest of this true story of how Van regained not only his natural eyesight, but real V.I.S.I.O.N. that caused him to see in more ways than one! Van will inspire your group to life, love and the pursuit of their dreams and teach them how to overcome personal and professional obstacles!
5 Reasons To Hire Van Waller To Empower your Group!
    Van’s ‘7 Keys To Life’ enables audiences to face, and overcome personal and professional challenges         while bringing focus and direction.
•    You will not only be equipped to face and overcome your obstacles in life,  but you will be empowered       to pursue your dreams as well!
    Audiences are challenged to do more, be more, and achieve more with what they already have.
•    This signature story offers built in help, hope, courage and inspiration for overcoming obstacles and         self-defeating attitudes.
•    Unforgettable real-life stories that connect with the heart, helping audiences relate to Van’s real life-         lessons in practical ways.
Van Waller – An Experience You Won’t Forget!
Van Waller brings more than 20 years of experience as a professional speaker, connecting with audiences both young and old at conferences, workshops, schools, churches and corporations.
His warm yet direct style of communicating, make his presentations refreshingly clear and easy to listen to.
Van’s personal story brings hope, courage, and heart-felt inspiration to adults teens, pre-teens, college students and employees alike who face personal and professional challenges. His presentation challenges audiences to take the limits of themselves and others and develop a winning attitude that can break barriers, and lead to success!
What Van’s Clients are Saying:
Van Waller is one of the most gifted and astonishing speakers that have come onto the scene. His testimony that through life anything is possible will ignite you to stop complaining and seize the moment to become the best you, you can be. He is powerful, motivating and entertaining.
Vincent Alexandria – Speaker & Author of Black Rain
“Thanks for a great job.  Your talk on self-esteem was really moving; it caused us to stretch and it challenged all of the attendees to grow.  You are definitely a man with a gift.  Your session was the most talked about in the entire conference.  You can speak for us anytime! ”
Adrienne L. Jones – Owner, Lighthouse Enterprises, Business Development & Management Firm 
“Our employees were moved to a greater sense of purpose and commitment and left with a renewed passion to succeed in life both personally and professionally.  Van Waller is truly a motivational speaker!”  We will definitely have him back!”
Michael Brown C.E.O. Michael’s Transportation Service
Van, you are fabulous! “Van Waller is a powerful and energetic force.  His presentation was tremendous, he left the audience buzzing about possibilities and dreams.  After listening to Van, I have no excuse but to get up and follow my every dream, he reminds me that God gave each of us a purpose, so we better get to it!”
Partial List of Speaking Credits:
Denise Spiller – Author/Publisher – Universal Press & Productions
Costco / Price Club Corporation
U.C. Davis California
San Quentin Prison
Youth Summit Conference
KFCB Channel 42 Television
KNBA Radio Station
United Way Official Spokesman (Napa / Solano )
Mare Island (Military Base)
California Conservation Corp
Travis Air Force Base
Jones Consulting
The NEXT STEOP Program
Fighting Back Partnership
The Master Trainer Program
Fair Housing of Marin
House of Acts (Men‘s Recovery)
Toastmasters’ Int’l (Annual Conference)
Van Waller
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