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Kevin Carney is an expert in Inbound Marketing, who has been working as an Inbound Marketing (some say SEO) consultant for the past five years.
Because Inbound Marketing requires the publishing and promotion of a lot of quality content, it is too expensive for most small businesses to afford.
If a business cannot afford to budget $2,500 plus per month (and I know of some agencies who draw the line at $5,000 a month), you’re being left out.
Most small businesses simply can’t afford that much, which leaves them out.
Even worse, companies sell small business SEO packages priced in the range of $300 a month to $1,000 a month which include too little content and are ineffective.
This is creating a Digital Marketing Divide between those who can afford to hire a quality agency or consultant, and those who cannot.
To close this gap, Kevin started Inbound Marketing University, the online school, community, and coaching program which teaches small businesses how to do this for themselves.
By having someone in the business devote 1 to 2 hours a day to the effort, the small business pays mostly with sweat equity, and is not left out.
Kevin Carney
Inbound Marketing University