Sonja Rockwell-Jackson

Sonja Rockwell-Jackson
As a true Californian, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where community service was a part of my cultural upbringing. My first introduction to community service, outreach and volunteering began at age 12. To this day, I owe this debt of gratitude to both my grandmother and my mother, for paving the way and for standing on the principle of: “If I have two hands, I should be willing to lend at least one to serve others.”  These two phenomenal women would shape my destiny.
Now, I reside in Solano County, and for the past 12 years of my professional career, I have been linking employers with job seekers, because together, “Networking + Resources + Networking =Results,” that’s my motto.
No matter where I go, my passion for community service is the driving force behind a career in workforce development that spans over 20 years! Knowing my “why” in life comes easy, it is my desire to help people achieve results, in spite of their challenges.
For me, my struggle is living with a genetic disease that has severely impaired my vision. It is known as Retinitis Pigmentosa, RP for short. Wherever possible, I share my story to encourage and to empower others.

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