The Hole In Our Evolution

The Hole In Our Evolution
In the past we have learned how to overcome communicable diseases that have now allowed us to take our entire line of humans into a new longer life cycle. The problem is that we now have to learn ways to keep ourselves healthy, happy and productive if we are going to fulfill the promise of our destiny.
At our present state it seems like we are counting on big pharma to come up with solutions that really are not their calling. Take for example any big human wide health problem such as high blood pressure. The current solution is to prescribe a pill to be taken each day which is prescribed by the people we have placed so much faith in that we call our doctors. The pill actually works to reduce blood pressure but only for a day. Yes, as much as we would like it to be a cure, it is not. As a matter of fact from the bodies view, it is a toxin that the liver works hard to remove from our body.
The same is true of so many other symptoms such as: elevated cholesterol, fast heart rate, joint pain, heart attack, stroke and many others.
It seems like every day there is new information about health advances. Why is it the American public does not believe what we think are knowledgeable researchers? Well, is it any wonder, since they didn’t get it right on eggs, whole milk, fat, coconut oil, coffee and a whole lot of things. They did get it right on smoking and a huge number of the public gave it up and now we have to deal with e-cigarettes.
Over seven years ago a report was released that point out how much activity can help a whole range of health problems. Unlike another pill, activity is a cure for many things. Unfortunately, it still has not been endorsed by the greatest majority of our doctors. Why is that? Some people would say it is because of the way our modern medical system works.
I really don’t know what the truth is but it does bother me. In those last seven years a large number of other research has been released that shows how beneficial something as simple and low cost as activity is.
I think it is time the general public put together the programs, facilities, the funding and the administration of an activities program. If we don’t get this right our kids and grandkids will be dying at younger ages than their parents in the first time in human history.
I know that it is a wide ranging definition to simply call it “activity” but keep in mind that a wide range of activities brings about wide range of health improvements. Take the simple act of walking. This activity is low cost, easy to administer and help such a wide list of health problems I am almost embarrassed to list it here.
When I think of “activity” I think of walking, swimming, Sudoku, brain puzzles, teaching any class, dance/walking, entertaining friends, calling loved ones, cooking complex meals, taking on a project you have never done before. As you can see, activity can wear a lot of hats, but notice I did not include golf (unless you do it without the cart), riding bicycles, watching TV, spending long hours in any screen time activities.
Now that you understand what “activity” is, it is time to bring in the experts. Let’s reach out to churches, schools, senior centers, and all the senior care facilities to try to get them all working toward a common umbrella of activities. I am thinking of all ages, all genders, all ethnic groups all economic levels and all facilities. Military, ex-military, hospitals, business, dance groups, runners, walkers, apartments, home owners, and on and on.
If you know people, current programs, own a business, run an apartment complex, run a senior center, school, gym, etc, etc. Get in touch with me and we can get this ball rolling.
Gordon Keiser
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