Transform Your Business with One Daily Action

Originally published on Firefly Coaching on April 3, 2015 By Stephanie Ward.
Transform Your Business with One Daily Action
Do you have a SDA? Although it sounds like it could be a disease, it’s not a bad thing.
In fact, it’s something that could make a massive difference for your business.
It stands for a Single Daily Action. The one action that you take every day that will connect you with more potential clients.
To make sure you will actually do it each day, it has to be something that you’re willing to do.
And if you can, find a way to make it fun. Think about your intention for Single Daily Action and choose something that feels right for you.
Your intention could be to give helpful information or to make someone smile. It’s not about making a sale or getting a client, it’s about making a connection with someone. Connections are what lead to clients and sales.
You can also build in a reward for yourself at the end of each week for having done your Single Daily Action every day that week.
8 Ideas for Your Single Daily Action
1. Personally invite someone to get your valuable free giveaway and ezine
2. Invite one new person to connect on LinkedIn
3. Follow one new person on Twitter
4. Research and build relationships with Strategic Alliance Partners
5. Ask someone for one referral
6. Give one referral
7. Connect two people
8. Share one of your previously published blog posts (see #6 in this post)
Once you’ve decided on a Single Daily Action, choose the time of day that you will do it and put it in your agenda so you can be sure it will happen.
I highly recommend doing it first thing in the morning or at least before lunch. Because taking action creates momentum and you can use that energy for all of the other tasks you want to get done.
You’re not locked in forever to the Single Daily Action you choose. You can choose one that you do for 1-3 months and then select a new one.
What you choose isn’t as important as the fact that you actually do it every day for at least 30 days.

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See this process as planting seeds in your beautiful business garden. Not all of the seeds will flower at once and it will take time for them all to bloom. And yes, some of them will die. That’s normal and natural.
Think about the alternative, not taking daily focused action and spending your time being ‘busy’ which will leave your business garden a dry patch of dirt.
I hope you’re starting to see the positive impact that having a Single Daily Action can have on your business. Choose yours and get started today so that over time you can reap the rewards of a flourishing garden for your business.
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