Famous vs. Asset to Society

I have been blessed to receive some amazing bio’s from incredible people making a diffFamous vs. Asset to Societyerence in their communities from all over the world. I am so surprised when I read their stories, as most the time, their contributions are done without praise or acknowledgement. Repeatedly, these individuals do the necessary without being asked. More often than not, their lifework is filled with passion and an immense force of drive for the good of humanity.
When reading these bio’s, both of personal accomplishments and of life changing (community improving, uplifting) work, I am left in awe and am inspired to do so much more in my idle time. I often think of those who are famous for various different accomplishments yet when ASKED to help out, they decline for fear of their image, their time or the lack of benefit to them.

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” ― Horace Mann

As a person, who just helps if I am able to or finds others who can, I am thrown off kilter, when I hear the responses of, “What’s in it for me?”, “It’s just politics.”, or “I don’t wish to participate.” The latter statement has been written to me and within months the same person has reached out for their own personal advancements masked behind a charity that will give them the most exposure.
This poses the emphasis on the difference between being Famous vs. an Asset to Society. There are many famous people well known for many things: their art, their movement, their talent, their drama. There are those, who are assets to society by contributing to the growth and well being of the world. I find it more effective to come from a heart of humility when making a difference in the world then climbing over others for exposure.  I tend to believe that the Assets to Society are the ones to be remembered in future generations.
It is a blessing when those who have people watching them use their stage for helping others. It is my honor to expose, share, spread, blast, announce the work of the humble who are going to continue to improve the lives of others, whether they have an audience or not.
If you know of someone, who has made an imprint in their lifetime, please connect them with me at christina@littlewingconnections.com. I would love to share their story.