How to use Hashtags

Originally published on on July 2, 2015 By Hardeep Grover.
How to use Hashtags
The symbol # called as hashtag. It is used to mark keyword or topic in a post or tweet. Hashtags turns the topics or words into a clickable link.Clicking on hashtags brings up all the recent posts that used same hashtag for that particular word. E.g. If you used a hashtag with word #facebook, when you will click on hashtag word facebook, it will bring up all the posts that used hashtag with word facebook.Post or tweet with hashtags receives 21% more engagement. ( when hashtags are used with 2,3 words). Always use hashtags with relevant topics, words and trending things. Hashtags works on almost every social media site but there are so many things you should know how to use Hashtags on these social media sites.
On #Facebook – Facebook support unlimited hashtags with no limitations. Hashtags on facebook works very easily and are easily searchable. You can bring up hashtag search results by clicking on any hashtag in your facebook search box.
On #Twitter – twitter hashtags supports only numbers and words, they don’t support anyspecial characters like ()!’”.-;@$^€^}}>…¥~¥?’”.
Hashtags on twitter provides good reach and engagement if used with relevant words and trending topics. Hashtags were first famous on twitter only but hashtag works on every social media site. There is limit of words on twitter (140 characters) so use limited hashtags with limited words. When you search hashtags on #Twitter it brings up all recent things happening worldwide.
On #Instagram – like twitter and facebook Instagram too support hashtags. On Instagram you can add upto 30 hashtags to a single photo. Instagram is a photo sharing site so it supports hashtag only with photo uploads. You can tag your photos even after publishing it. Instagram hashtags increase your photos reach and results good engagement if used wisely with hot and trending topics. In instagram hashtags results are sorted by most recent hashtags. On Instagram hashtags works best to participate in photos contests.
On #GooglePlus – Google plus hashtags works great for exposing your updates to a wider range of people. Google plus updates are auto- hashtagged, google automatically provide reach to content which is trending. There is no limit of hashtags in googleplus posts, you can add number of hashtags.