Nate Greig

My name is Nate Greig
My name is Nate Greig. The easiest way for me to describe myself is as a promoter of the great outdoors. I drag my darling, fledgling family on all sorts of ludicrous expeditions into the wilds of the Western United States. Our intent is to explore, document and generate interest in the many serene locales that pockmark these western states. I feel that doing so is the greatest contribution I can share with society.
I believe that we live during the greatest time for the advancement and prosperity of humanity. Never before has so much progress and opportunity existed. Diseases are being thwarted. Technology improves at a pace that is not measurable. People are living longer. Thanks to social media, anyone with an internet connection has a voice that can be heard. Education is public and often free. The future is ripe. And even with all of these attributes we still have a long ways to go. My objective stems from this latter observation.
It is an objective that a pastor or philosopher might push. That is that all of our great accomplishments mean nothing if we are not well within. Depression, sleep disorders, phobias, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, insecurities, apathy are just a few of the trouble makers that we, as a society are now plagued by. They are not external threats, but problems from within. We are plagued by wounds that afflict our soul. The soul cannot be healed with medication or money. The soul is clear and opaque, complex and simple. Attempting to understand our soul is like trying to see the wind. There is only one creation on this planet that has the capacity and patience to heal every soul regardless of race, creed or skin color. I am referring to mother nature. My objective is simple. Reacquaint the general public to the innumerable and fulfilling benefits of an open and active relationship with nature.
I currently promote from a very small platform on a very limited basis. This is largely due to the fact that I earn a living that is not related to my true ambitions (I basically found out what I wanted to do after my wife and I started building a family). Of course I could drop everything like a vagabond rockstar and go big or bust, but that just isn’t a reasonable decision. So my family is fed but not in the manner I would prefer.
So it is on our, very limited, free time that we pack up the boys and go tromping into the mountains in search of adventure and wonder. We carry only fishing rods/tackle, a water filter, our cameras, a pencil and a pad of paper. It is from these items, and a peacefully, pleasant demeanor that I wish to fashion a future which allows us to spread natural beauty, splendor and awe to a nature deprived global audience.
Nate Greig
Wild Trout West