How To Improve Your Business By Observing Your Customers

Originally published on June 29, 2015 on By Pearl
Woman Walking Through Mall Carrying Shopping Bags
The ability to keenly observe is an important skill which everyone should cultivate especially leaders, entrepreneurs, managers. It helps you see the things which other people may not be seeing which you can use to your advantage.
Observation can transform your business or company. It is not just looking because it involves the other senses like touching, tasting, smelling. I came across this statement by New York Times writer Peter Leschak, “Everyone is looking, not many are seeing”. Ideas, solutions and opportunities are all around us but it is by paying attention and not taking things for granted that you see them.
As a business owner, manager, CEO you need to observe your customers. They are an asset to your business. You may have an excellent product/service but if no one buys it or patronizes you then you don’t have a business. So you need to watch them, ask questions, looking for ways to add value through your product or service. Observing your customers will help you to better understand their needs, wants, expectations and what motivates them.
Questions to Ask Yourself While Observing

  • How are your customers aware that they need your product/service?
    Is it when you tell them i.e. through advertising or other promotional means? Is it when they see someone enjoying your product/service or they see how your service helped someone succeed?
  • How do they get your products/services? What are the channels? How do they order for/buy it? How do they pay for it? Is it convenient for them and effective for you? Always make your products or service convenient, fast and easy for your customers to find your product.
  • What do they really use your product/service for? The answers may surprise you. It may be to fulfill an emotional need or gain acceptance with their friends or colleagues.
  • What features of your product do they consider most when choosing your product/service? Is it the price, packaging, quality of the service, your office/building etc? This helps you know the strengths and weaknesses of your product/service. So you can highlight those strengths when promoting it and if possible strengthen or eliminate the weaknesses of the product/service.
  • What don’t they like about your product/service? Is there anything that frustrates them when using your product/service?
  • Do you need to teach them how to better use your product or take better advantage of your service?

These are just basic questions. You should write the answers to this questions eg for me, my clients use my services as a content marketing professional to attract more leads (customers) to their website/business. Please don’t just write them down and ignore or forget about them.Use the answers to improve your business.