5 Benefits of Writing Out Your Goals

Originally published on LifeCoachSpotter.com By Morice Mabry
5 Benefits of Writing Out Your Goals
Have you ever wondered why your circumstances in your life haven’t changed? Why you remain stagnant and others prosper? Maybe it’s because you haven’t written down your goals and created a plan to achieve those goals. Like you, I had many goals in my mind and was operating from my head. But I’m here to say that magic happens when I write my goals down, created a plan, and implemented the plan. When I write my goals down, I can’t just write it and forget about it; I have to read it, nurture it, visualize it, feel it, and believe it. Here’s what I do:

  • I write a goal on an index card and carry in my pocket for frequent viewing.
  • I write that goal out over and over until it’s embedded in my mind.
  • Once my goal is embedded in my mind, it becomes easier to visualize my goal more frequently.
  • My vision of completion of my goal ignites a great feeling prompting me to take action toward my goal.
  • Putting action toward this goal over time brings desired results.

When I consistently do this process of writing my goal out, 5 things happened to my mind:
1) Belief:
My goal may appear to be far fetched, unbelievable, and not realistic. I’m here to tell you that when I see it and believe it, I will achieve it. Repetition of my mentioned steps becomes very important to my belief factor of my goal. Reading, writing, seeing, and hearing my goal over and over, guarantees me belief and with belief I know I will achieve it. My belief ignites desire and desire ignites action and action causes results. It doesn’t matter how long it takes and how many obstacles I have to overcome, as long as my belief and faith does not waiver, I will achieve my goal. It’s inevitable for me not to unless I QUIT!
2) Vision:
Now that my belief is stronger than ever, it is so easy for me to visualize my goal already accomplished. I write my vision out in great detail to help formalize the pictures in my mind. I’m writing the script to the attainment of my goal. It becomes almost impossible not to visualize my goal when I apply the above-mentioned steps. Also, the repetition plays frequent favorable images in my mind of my goal being achieved.
3) Excitement:
If someone told me that there was absolutely no way I could fail at achieving my goal, I would be so excited. The reality is, with my belief and vision; my goal is attainable and inevitable to reach unless I quit. Sure, there will be some bumps in the road on my journey, but as long as I stay the course, I will eventually get there. When I learned that, I now get so excited knowing that my goal is already achieved and only have to play out the course of time. I still have to apply action toward my goal otherwise its only wishful thinking. The excitement, joy, and knowing that my goal is already conquered in my mind ignites good feelings in my subconscious which sends a great vibration through my body which then allows the energy to bring me all forces to help my goal come to reality. (The Law of Attraction)
4) Awareness:
My above-mentioned steps have created belief, vision, and excitement. Now the awareness comes into play. My mind and habits are so consistent about seeing, reading, writing, and hearing my goal that I become so much more aware when I’m not thinking about my goal. This allows me to bring my focus back to my goal with pictures in my mind and thoughts of the achievement of my goal. I’m in a good place when I’m aware of my feelings at different moments throughout the day as it relates to my goal. This means, if I’m feeling moody or bad I would have the awareness to recognize it and think about something joyful, like my 17 month daughter and that would shift my feelings to a good vibration. When I’m in a good vibrating state, I think about my goal. Those good vibrations will help attract my goal towards me.
5) Desired Results:
When it comes to my goal, my thoughts ignite good feelings and my good feelings ignite prompt action and prompt action causes desired results. There is a law called the Law of Action. The Law of Action states that action must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in action that supports our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. Being excited about achieving my goal makes me take action faster. With knowing and understanding this universal law, my goal is already mine and it’s just a matter of time before it’s reality.
Morice Mabry is owner of MasterMinding Forward, an Adjunct Business Professor, Motivation Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker. His passion is servicing disoriented small business owners, entrepreneurs, and college students who struggle with business and life planning, accountability, sustaining vision, and goal setting. He helps his clients obtain their objectives through masterminding group sessions and individual coaching. He has extreme passion for his niche and truly operates from his heart. He is a man of integrity and conviction and invites you to get to know, like, and trust him.
You can visit Morice’s website here. Morice has recently become a first time dad to his now 17-month-old daughter. You may read of his wonderful fatherhood journeys here.