Kasama Lee, Sought-after speaker

Kasama Lee, Sought-after speaker
Kasama Lee, a sought-after speaker, trainer and coach for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, will be speaking on “How The Top 20% Rock Stars Roll.” In this fun and interactive workshop, you will walk away with one clear powerful tool to soar in the midst of the busyness in this noisy world.
You should join us if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur who’s looking to increase your bottom line.
  • You’ve got too many plates spinning in the air and it needs to change.
  • You’re a leader who recognizes YOU set the pace for your team.
  • You LOVE personal growth conversations!
  • You’re happy with everything. You just want to be in a fun and entertaining workshop!

Kasama Lee, Sought-after speaker1
Join us! Bring a business friend or two so they could get their inspirational booster! FREE Success Tips will be given at the end of the workshop.