At Last Bra and Lingerie is one of the Best Lingerie Boutiques In Sacramento

Originally published on CBS Sacramento on February 11, 2014 By Valerie Heimerich.
The word “lingerie” conjures many thoughts in the human brain, perhaps including visions of silk and lace or feelings of love, romance or attraction. Undergarments come in varying degrees of fit and function, with plain, sturdy brassieres and nightgowns at one end of the spectrum and risqué items such as transparent body stockings, leather thongs and peek-a-boo corsets at the other. To meet the needs and wishes of the capital city’s diverse population, there are some excellent small businesses offering lingerie from the subtle to the highly suggestive.
At Last Bra and LingerieAt Last Bra and Lingerie is one of the Best Lingerie Boutiques In Sacramento
2063 Arena Blvd., Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 480-9501
At Last is a lifesaver for those who have previously had to deal with ill-fitting, poorly made lingerie. Having the wrong bras, in particular, can give a woman back and shoulder pain along with a host of other problems and annoyances. Uncomfortable straps that slip, wires that dig into flesh and worst of all, bras that actually make her appear overweight, slumped or sloppy are a thing of the past. A personal consultation with a certified fitter from At Last helps customers find bras that will greatly enhance their comfort, support and appearance. The shop’s selection includes sizes that are hard to find elsewhere, including cups up to K and bands from 28-44 inches. At Last also offers beautiful, high-quality lingerie such as bustiers, garters, teddies and silky nightwear in classy, sensual styles. Channel your inner glamour queen and go Hollywood style with a sultry black negligee with a rich feather boa trim.