Why change is awesome!

Originally Published on Kasama Lee.com on September 21, 2015 By Kasama Lee.
Why change is awesome!
Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ~ John F. Kennedy
Oh, there’s been change alright!  The past few weeks have brought a new rhythm to my song and I’m glad I was able to recognize it.
I have recently decided to return to real estate, a profession I did quite well in for almost a decade.  When the market started to turn painful and ugly in 2012, I lost my fire and recognized I was not wired for the dark side of the industry.  I then went and dug into the leadership development work to grow myself and, as a result, led and developed my clients whom I was honored to work with.
I’m a woman of faith and a fateful moment came during an interview which I was answering a key question, “What has been your most exotic profession?”  My answer was real estate.  It’s where I’ve learned the most about people and what mattered to them.  This is the profession where there’s love, lust, generosity, greed, loyalty and integrity all bundled in it. As I was typing these words out, the question popped into my head, “Why am I not in real estate?”  It’s the profession where I could be authentic and where I discovered what I was capable of accomplishing for others in the midst of pressure and adversity.
That was a raw moment of clarity I did not expect!  Since that moment, it’s been quite a ride.  Everything and every conversation simply flowed effortlessly.  And now I’m excited to be back full swing in real estate. WOO HOO!!!
I will continue the leadership work I’ve started with the middle school and high school students because I love the work and I see the amazing transformation in them.  My two sons are the product of this wok which I’m passionate about.  I’m committed to this work at so many levels.
So what does all this mean and why should it matter to you?  I will put my online program development on hold while I focus back in real estate. There may be an online program developed down the road.
If you would still like to stay connected with me with the inspirational and personal growth blogs and updates, I invite you to follow me on my social media channels listed on this website.
I have not quite figured out how I would merge real estate and leadership development in one place yet.
If you have a suggestion, I’m all ears!
If you’re in northern California and are curious about the current market condition, I would love to see you on my real estate site http://www.kasamalee.biz.  You could create a private profile and receive listing updates in your email.  It’s quite a sophisticated system.
By the way, I’m never too busy for your real estate referrals!  I thank you in advance.
I’m grateful for each and everyone of you in my life.
Keep on keeping on.
Play full out!
Do it afraid.
Keep moving toward your destined purpose and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
About the author:
Kasama A. LeeKasama Lee is a mother, a wife, and a real estate agent in Northern California.  She’s a certified leadership speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell team.