The Secret of Creating Your Business Plan

Originally Published on on June 3rd, 2015 by Kasama Lee
The Secret of Creating Your Business Plan
As I host an annual Vision Retreat at the beginning of each year, I always come away with so many takeaways from my clients. It always turns out to be a series of breakthrough experiences for many attendees who were stuck in various areas of their “Whee of Life.” Talk about a fulfilling ride this has been for me to serve others.
At our retreat earlier this year, I was inspired by the testimonials from our attendees that I wanted to share some reflections with you. Here is the beautiful thing about leadership development and personal growth. I have found while I prepare to teach and train on this topic, I have no choice but to grow by default. I believe in true leadership, it’s not about lip service. It’s about walking your talk. It’s about living the principles you talk about. How great is it to get to do what I love serving others while I have received more clarity around my own business plan more than ever before?
When I was younger and my priorities were different, I used to write my “Business Plan” and would work my life around it. Now that I have grown, hopefully, wiser (through many challenges) and have found my purpose, I would prefer to write my “Life Plan” which includes my business in it. I am a visual person so I drew the flowchart out so I could see what my priorities look like. I like it so much I decided to share it with you all on this post.
So here are the questions to take home. If you were to draw a flowchart of your “plan,” what would it look like? What are your priorities? Does your business plan determine your life plan? It’s OK if it is. We all are entitled to our own perspective of what is important in our life at any given time.
Just bear in mind, your plan will continue to change as you continue to grow. In fact, I believe we never stop growing. As the great William S. Burroughs II says, “When you stop growing you start dying.”
Enjoy the journey while discovering your greatest potential. After all, I believe it was never about the destination anyway.
About The Author:
Kasama is a mother, a wife, a real estate agent and a sales coach.  She’s a creator of an Online Course Community for professional and personal development:The Winning Formula.