What Little Wing Connections means to me in 2015

Little WIng Connections FB Cover
“Little Wing Connections brings out the best in people by showing their target audience, the true character of their life work. I am proud to be apart of a team who looks for the greatness in others. Accountability and contribution is essential in a communities growth, Little Wing Connections stands behind this philosophy” ~ Christina Baird
“Little Wing Connections is all about community. Encouraging others to give back in any way. Although we are driven to do business, it also feels good to make a difference. LWC creates an awareness for the business community, and drives each and every one of us to step up and spread goodness.” ~ Corina Urtiaga Michael
“Little Wing Connections bridges community and businesses together through people getting to know people. How? By the platform that LWC uses to link business owners and¬†surrounding¬†communities, informing one about the other. The message here is simple: through awareness and contribution, one can account for positive growth. Little Wings exudes that, proud to be a part of it. ” ~ Moana Liva
“Little Wing Connections has become an integral part of the community it serves as well as other communities it has become involved in by focusing on the altruistic attributes of the individuals and businesses who candidly demonstrate those characteristics through Public Presence and Unselfish Contributions. Little Wing Connections encompasses the philosophy of Community Growth through contribution, encouraging others to give back, personal accountability and distinguishable Public Relations. Little Wing Connections and its various means of business tools, such as, Web Design, Social Media Integration and Public Relations are essential to bridging the gap between the Messenger and its Intended Market.” ~ Don Young
“To meet your community is good, but to be part of it is essential in order to do great things. Little Wing Connections is an asset to society in the manner connects people to business and most important with humans that care and are providing a beneficial service that creates positive changes in society.”
~ Kristian Medina
“The Little Wing Connections Luncheon is more than a meal. It is a time to connect with others, a time to find out what’s going on in the community, a time to do remarkable business and a time to step up when needed. That is why, after seven years since walking the pavement handing out flyers, I return to co host month after month, year after year.” Jocelyne von Strong