Build a FREE RECRUIT profile! Pass this on to an athlete that needs exposure!

Originally Published on Linkedin on September 22nd, 2015 by Will Treat
Anxious Athlete Waiting at Starting Line
Free BuildRegister and create an engaging single page profile to act as your athletic resume for a job. Scholarship Dollars as payment. Include a well thought out Bio as an introduction to your achievements. Add your Hudl button and up to 6 YouTube video’s to make your profile stand out against the competition.  Manage – After registration you’ll receive an email with login and instructions. Login & update your resume to keep coaches interested in your progress. Update it regularly with current information. Proactive profiles and first impressions are crucial. OTH RECRUITING
Full Access *SendFree profile athletes can use the send option while viewing their public profile. Share, Like & Tweet your profile often for exposure. Full Access members can do all of the above plus send their profile using the coaches connect . Coaches Connect allows our full access players to send a message to the coach they choose. Profile is auto attached to the message. Speeds up the process! *Extended Profile Information – A full access profile displays member contact info, 40 yard dash, short shuttle and vertical jump information in the top portion of their athletic resume. Free profiles can store the information but it will not be displayed on public profile.  *Friday Night Stats – As a full access member you’ll have access to the FNS module within your logged in account. FNS is additional component allowing you to update any current awards, weekly game stats, scores etc. Once updated, content displays with a date of input and places your profile in rotation on the home page of our website. Provides extra exposure & a secondary link to access your information.  *Instructions & Schedules – Within your full access account a to do list, phone, email and website instructions and examples are displayed with a per class year calendar of must do items. Knowing what to do and when to do it is a huge benefit while going through the recruiting and financial aid process.  *Premier Listing In Player Search Results –  Our full access member profile displays on the first page of all search results for every position, class year and state. Profiles are highlighted yellow to show searcher all information needed for an evaluation is provided. Full Access Just $29.99