Carlos Villez

The subjects and themes of my work are primarily centered on the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos, a perspective that developed from growing up in one of the states in Mexico that celebrates this very special day with artistry and beauty, Michoacan.
CARLOS VILLEZI see my art as an extension of the culture and history of Mexico and of that very special celebration. I work with a variety of different media, including paintings in acrylics and oils.  More recently I have expanded my body of work to include paper mache/mixed media sculptures.
My love for the amazingly bright and vibrant colors of Mexico have moved me to incorporate them in all of my works whether it be paints on a canvas, creating a paper mache “Adelita“, or sugar skull mask.  These colors are my culture, my history and my being in the world of “arte”!!!
Carlos is a self-taught artist who was born in Michoacan, Mexico and currently resides in  San Jose, CA.
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