Looking For A Great Holiday Dinner?

Originally Published on SolanoLandTrust.com  by Aleta George
Support Your Local Farmers While Eating Fresh, Local Meat
Looking For A Great Holiday Dinner.With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away and Christmas closer than most of us want to admit, it’s time to think about what’s important to us: Food.
Just kidding, well, sort of. It’s family and friends, sure, but what better way to celebrate loved ones than to sit around a big table with good food and wine, um, make that locally grown food and wine.
It’s one of the best times of year to feel grateful to the farmers and ranchers that live in our community. It’s also a great time to enjoy fresh agricultural products produced right here in our county and while showing your support for our local growers.
As Summer Turns to Fall
I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t summer the best time of year with all those glorious tomatoes? And what about spring and stone fruits? Those are great, too of course, but now is the time to enjoy walnuts, winter squash, and the bounty of local ranchers.
This holiday season, try skipping that Looking for a great holiday dinnerstore-bought turkey pumped with water and who knows-what-else, and use this list to put some high-quality meat on your table. The local families who grow this meat want to be part of your holiday by providing you with the best of the best.
Here’s a list that we put together to help you find local meats.
Brannigan’s Turkey Farm
Woodland (It’s Yolo and close enough!)
Phone: (530) 662-4205
Free range turkeys with no antibiotics and no growth hormones from a family-owned business that has been around since 1943. Now taking orders for Thanksgiving & Christmas. You can drive out to the farm or find turkeys at Nugget in Vacaville, or Emigh’s Market in Dixon.
Emigh Lamb
Montezuma Hills, Rio Vista
Phone: (707) 678-8809
Grass-fed lambs raised growth hormone and antibiotic free from a family-owned and run business since 1876. Buy at Dixon, Sacramento, and Elk Grove Farmers Markets, at Emigh’s Market in Dixon, or straight from their website
Five Dot Ranch Butcher Shop
Oxbow Public Market, Napa
Phone: (707) 224-5550
Family-owned, locally grown, natural beef that is winter grazed at King-Swett Ranches and in adjacent counties.
Taking reservations for heritage-breed Black Spanish turkeys or heritage-breed American Buff geese for Christmas. Also, some butchered cuts of mulefoot hog including chops, bacon, ribs and tenderloin roast. Contact Amy to see what’s in the freezer.
Lockewood Acres
Phone: (707) 624-0831
Heritage chickens, eggs, lamb, and pork Ten-acre farm with certified organic produce and heritage meats.
Napa Grass Farmer
Suisun Valley
(707) 320-2028
You’ve heard of community-supported agriculture (CSA) for produce. This is a CSA for organic meats.
Nature’s Bounty
Phone: (707) 693-0908
Family-owned farm committed to providing the finest, all-natural, ethically produced lamb, goat, beef, young roasters, eggs, and honey.
Prime rib photo courtesy of Five Dot Ranch