Solomon Gee Speaks about Melaleuca

Solomon Gee February Speaker at LWC Luncheon
What would you give to improve your overall health?Are you tired of taking pills that seem to multiply with your age?
Do you wish you would have lived a better, healthier lifestyle as you watch your children and grandchildren grow up before you?
Do you wish you could find products that really work?
Solomon lived a fairly healthy lifestyle but he could not reduce certain health indicators that was part of his DNA. He knew that if he did not change something in his daily routine, he would be destined to consume toxic pills from his health provider for the rest of his life. He was in search of a solution that would fit his needs.
When Solomon was introduced to Melaleuca, he automatically categorized it as a Multi-Level Marketing Company and given his previous MLM experience, he was hesitant to enroll let alone try the products. However, something about this company’s business model was different and this intrigued him enough to take a risk.
Solomon will briefly explain the similarities and differences between Melaleuca and these other types of companies. He will share his personal story of how his life was transformed by these products including a high-level overview of the recent third-party Freiburg Study which validated the power of the patented Oligo technology.
Finally, he will reveal the results of his Melaleuca experience and how it has affected his life. Needless to say, his belief in the products has allowed him to confidently share it with those who are hoping to improve their own health and lifestyle. He has learned that Melaleuca truly is a different type of company.
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