Social Signals and SEO

Originally published on Linkedin on January 21, 2016 By Rik Courtney
Social Signals and SEO
We spoke the other day about social signals being the main factor of social marketing to watch in 2016. Social signals are an interconnected
For the uninitiated, social signal are any content response that advances the content in some way. This could be in the form of likes, shares and comments on any of the social media platforms. They’re called social signals because they quite literally signal which pieces of content contain the most user-approved value. For a long time social signals were ignored by Google’s SEO algorithm because their value was (correctly) deemed inferior to that of back-linking.
Now, however, the ‘social’ aspect of social media is really infiltrating the Internet on a wider level. This means that businesses looking to expand their revenue must have an understanding of how to navigate your way around these signals.
Fundamentally, social media has the power to do three things: it’s a broadcasting tool, it (unlike all forms of pre-digital marketing) has the ability to incorporate a direct CTA and now, best of all for social media, it now carries valuable SEO weight with it.
What this means, is that you now how more control than ever before over your marketing success. Added value to social signals means all you have to do is put in the work on your social presence and the Google payoff will come to you. Whereas backlinking creates difficult scenarios in which other authorities are responsible for your online reach, social signals mean that if your online platforms are optimised, you’ll experience the rewards.
This is the latest step in online marketing bending to the power of social interaction. People are inherently social and the more businesses prioritise this fact, the more your business will flourish if you focus your attention on social media.
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