Stop Learning About Entrepreneurship and Start Doing the Work

Originally published on on January 25, 2016 By Kimanzi Constable.
Stop Learning About Entrepreneurship and Start Doing the Work
There’s a simple explanation why some businesses see explosive growth. There’s a reason successful entrepreneurs seem invincible, and why everything they teach becomes something we read about in the news. Instead of dragging you along this whole article, I’ll tell you what the reason is and then I’ll explain: They do the work.
We live in a time when information, and access to information, is readily available. If you own a smartphone, you can download an entire course on entrepreneurship through your podcast app. This has been great, but also a problem for entrepreneurs today.
Information overload is real and stunts the growth of many businesses. You continue to take in so much information that you don’t know what you should be doing. What’s more, much of the information is often contradictory because everyone is pushing what they believe is the right way to grow a business.
You already have the knowledge you need.
The reality is that, by the time they’re ready to launch a business, most entrepreneurs know more than they realize. You study, and you research. You become knowledgeable through the access we have to information on the Internet. If you were to take a quiz, you would pass with flying colors.
You already have the knowledge. Many already have the knowledge. What separates those who are successful from everybody else is what they (you) do with that knowledge. The knowledge is useless if you never get out in the market and take the first steps. Entrepreneur Brendon Burchard said at his Expert’s Academy conference that one major factor for success in business is “speed of implementation.”
Knowledge is useless without action.
Failure sucks. Failing feels like someone punched you and your dream in the face. But, failure is a sign of action. If you never experience failure, it means you aren’t taking the kind of action you need to accomplish your loftiest goals. Knowledge is not enough. You could hold degrees, certificates and awards for your knowledge, but you’ll never be successful if you don’t turn that knowledge into actionable steps.
Researching your market, the audience and the possible points of struggle are critical. Preparation and a plan leads to success, but you’ll never know until you test that plan. Testing is the surest way to know what works and what doesn’t. Everyone’s businesses and goals are different.
There are those who talk and those who do.
When you think of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you see a pattern of consistent action taking despite the consequences. Elon Musk could have walked away from SpaceX when rockets exploded, and things weren’t going as planned. He could have abandoned Tesla when he saw the how hard it would be to take on the big, established auto markers that had been around for decades. Instead, he committed to do whatever it took. He kept taking action.
Steve Jobs could have lived a comfortable life on his Apple shares when he was fired from the company he started. Instead, he started Next and got involved with Pixar. He went back to Apple just as successful as when he left because he didn’t settle for the knowledge he had. He took action.
There are people who constantly talk about all the great things they will eventually do, and there are those who shut up and do it. Talk is cheap. Action speaks volumes. Action inspires people to follow you and do business with you.
Resolutions fail is because we fall in love with the idea of what could happen. We daydream thinking about how great life will be once we get there. When you have to put your nose down and do the work is where some people run for the hills. Success is NOT an accident or mystery. Success has a back story of failure and a crazy amount of action.
You don’t need any more information to grow your business. You have the knowledge; you need a plan, and you need to take action on that plan. Don’t let the hard work and fear of failure keep you from doing and accomplishing what others consider to be “impossible.”