5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Store

Originaly published on LOCALEMobile.com on March 21, 2016 By LOCALE Mobile
5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Store
In today’s fast paced, internet-oriented world it can be extremely difficult to convince customers to walk into your store. As more consumers embrace the ease of delivered products with apps such as Amazon Prime Now, more and more people are shopping at home and on their phones in one click.
Luckily for many business owners, there are tactics out there helping entice customers to actually enter a brick and mortar store. Here are 5 innovative ways to increase foot traffic in your store:
1. Host and Attend Promotional Events
Word of mouth is still one of the strongest forms of marketing. It’s just done much differently than in the past. Instead of Suzie telling Amy that she went to an event at an awesome new store, she’ll check in on Facebook and tell all of her friends, Amy included. Hosting events like a grand re-opening, workshop, in-store contest, or even a free happy hour will greatly increase your foot traffic both during the event and afterwards. Once word gets out via social platforms, more people will take an interest in your store.
This same concept works when your company participates in local events. In person, face-to-face interaction lets people hear your voice, your story and why they should visit your store. Be sure to regularly post about the event in social media using the specified hash tags at the event. Customers will see your passion for community and will want to come visit your store.
2. Create an Enticing Online Presence
A strong online presence includes back-end Search engine optimization, social platform integration and even blogging. A blog can make a huge difference in the perception of your business and elevate your company to expert status in your industry. If your blog content is centered to your ability to help customers you will build trust and grow your customer base.
Social media plays a huge role in an online presence as well. Of course you need to regularly maintain your profile by posting and responding to comments. It’s also necessary to ask your customers to post reviews, encourage engagement on your pages and use the tools each unique platform provides.
For example, Facebook has the capability to prompt anyone within a certain radius of your store to check-in there. Geo-fenced ads pushing in-store coupons on sites like Facebook and Instagram are also ideal. Your customers will see them and be able to use them immediately.
Always make sure you claim and monitor your business pages on sites and apps such as Yelp, Google Business, Angie’s List, Roadtrippers, TripAdvisor, etc.
People increasingly look on an app or online before deciding to enter a store. This way you know what people are saying about your store and that your store looks appealing no matter where someone discovers it.
3. Pick-Up vs. Ship Out
Creating online stores is increasingly easy. This means many people are turning to online shopping instead of shopping in person. However, you can use e-commerce to drive in-store traffic. Instead of offering delivery, ask your customers to pick up their orders in the store. This will increase their likelihood to return and also purchase an additional item while they pick up their order.
4. Mobile Coupons
Mobile coupons are huge! Technology makes it easy to push mobile coupons using geo-targeting, time specificity and personalization by analyzing a multitude of data.
Push coupons in the proper area at the right time, to the right audience. Make sure the user is close enough to your store to use the coupon immediately. Mobile is all about immediacy.
The coupon offer also needs to be strong enough to attract a visitor. The best incentives are 20% off an item or purchase, buy-one-get-one offers and free promotional items.
Other key things to remember about mobile coupons are:
Less clicks are better; you lose half your audience for each additional click.
Include a phone number so people can contact you for questions.
Mobile advertising and social media are ideal places to push mobile coupons.
5. Harness the Power of Mobile Loyalty Apps
Apps such as FiveStar, Belly, PunchCard, and Flok all provide the capability to push notifications to customers, increasing your foot traffic. They will also help increase your customer loyalty by providing and incentive for returning.