Bill Proestler, Owner of 5 Star Car Wash and Detail Center takes us on a Vacaville Tour

Hi my name is Alexandra welcome to 5 Star Car Wash and Detail Center.
Hi this is Bill Proestler and I own 5 Star Car Wash and Detail Centers.
We are now standing in front of her Vacaville, CA. location and today I want to give you a tour of what we do. Please follow me as we are going to start off in the vacuum area and go through the whole process, so you know what to expect when visiting 5 Star Car Wash and Detail Centers and all the services that we offer here.
This is where we begin, in the vacuum area, we vacuum all cars before they get washed. Our customers come in and get to pick the variety of services that we offer. The whole process for a full-service car wash, which includes vacuuming, the wash process, cleaning the wheels, the inside of the car, and cleaning inside the windows and outside should take 15 to 20 minutes maximum.
We also offer an exterior wash package that’s about 10 minutes that goes very quickly in your car get superclean.
This is Chewy, Chewy is a supervisor here. He’s been with the company for about 10 years. Chewy started at our Fairfield, CA. location. Chewie’s job here is to to keep everything organized, make sure the cars get through on time and organize the employees.
We’re going to follow this Cadillac through now, it just got done being vacuumed, that’s the first part of the service, Chewy is going to load the car and we will follow it through the wash process…