How Images Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Originally published on on February 4, 2016 By Cath Pascual
How Images Can Increase Your Brand Awareness
A picture is worth a thousand words — imagine how powerful images are. Skeptical? How about this: 83% of your learning is done with the aid of visuals, and 94% of articles with images get more views. Now, what do these have to do with your brand’s storytelling? Ask yourself these questions:
Are you sharing visual content?
Do my images stand out?
Are my images relatable?
A smart visual marketing strategy can help you and your brand win against your competitors, but only if you do it right. Especially at this time, brands are more creative than ever and you have to up your marketing efforts to a whole new level.
Let’s help you out then. Here’s how you should tell your story with visual marketing.
What is Visual Marketing?
Visual Marketing is the use of captivating images to pitch your brand, products, and benefits to your target audience. Eventually, you want your audience to connect with you and your brand.
4 Keys to a Strong Visual Marketing
1. Authenticity
How Images Can Increase Your Brand Awareness 2
Make sure your images look and feel real.
Tip 1: Your images must mirror your brand’s mission, voice and target audience. It’s a big plus if you’re able to incorporate your brand’s USP into the images you plan to use.
Tip 2: Feature Images made by your fans and customers. This is the best and easiest way to create a human connection with your audience. This strategy also acknowledges your audience that they’re there, and you see them.
What’s good about this is you’ll be able to track your audience’s response regarding the image you posted through:

  1. Clicks
  2. Conversions

Why do these images resonate with your audience? Determine the elements they have in common.
2. Sensory Impact
How Images Can Increase Your Brand Awareness 3
Your goal is for your images to make your audience have that urge to touch, hear, taste and breathe whatever story your image is projecting.
Tip 1: Your images must trigger an emotion to your audience. Can they relate to your image?
Tip 2: Use high-resolution, detail-rich images for better brand recognition.
Note: Don’t worry if your image has a glitch, the imperfection adds that touch of authenticity that makes your image real.
3. Archetypes
How Images Can Increase Your Brand Awareness 4
An archetype or a model is helpful in providing a backstory that makes your narrative identifiable. Do your images embody a character/thing?
Example: A Mentor
How to Choose an Archetype?
Identify which archetype your audience embodies or wishes to embody. Remember to avoid choosing negative archetypes.
4. Relevance
How Images Can Increase Your Brand Awareness 5
Are your images applicable to your target audience in the following areas:

  1. Location
  2. Interest
  3. Gender
  4. Age

Also, you may select images are linked to your audience like:

  1. Familiarity with the location
  2. Products and services they use
  3. Groups/movements that your audience advocates – this will make your brand look like it cares about the lifestyle and society your audience is in.