5 Reasons You Need More Video Content

Originally published on LoungeLizard.com on February 22, 2016 By Lounge Lizard
5 Reasons You Need More Video Content
We have discussed the merits of video content quite a few times over the years, primarily because it can be such a powerful method for connecting with your audience. With technology finally to a point where video content is easily accessible on any type of device we feel that now more than ever is the time to use this medium which leads to our 5 Reasons you need more Video Content.
Technology and Social Trends
While video has been a great platform for years, it has always been a bit limited because it was something best suited for desktop users. However now that our mobile devices, mobile networks and software has gotten to the advanced state it currently is in, videos are easy to watch on phones compared to just a year or two ago where it was more like a trip to the dentist.
This shift in technological ability has also influenced a social shift where people are enjoying and utilizing video content much more as a preferred way to digest content. It makes sense when you think about it. If you are riding in a car, standing on a train platform, or even waiting in line it is very easy to watch a video on your phone, listening with an ear bud, rather than holding your device steady enough to read.
Generation Y, a group that uses mobile devices for everything, have helped make video apps like Snapchat or Blab household names. Other platforms are also reinvesting into video such as Facebook and Twitter, which shows how much some of the biggest players in the social game value video content. From everything from promoting a new app, to launching a marketing campaign, to helping link your brand to a great cause, video content is a great method to convey your message.
If that isn’t enough to get you interested in video content, we have 5 more reasons that this medium is a fantastic way to market to your customers.
5 Reasons for More Video

  • Build Trust with Users – It can be very hard to build trust with users and foster a real connection. One way to bridge the gap and showcase how ‘real’ you are is with videos that showcase the people behind the company. When people get to see behind the scenes and gain insight to who they are actually dealing with, they are much more likely to form a bond as you have humanized your company to them. This is one of the most important things you can do to help build trust with users. Think of the difference in trust levels between the mom and pop store where you know the people behind the counter and giant corporations who are faceless.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd – Surprisingly, video is still underutilized as a form of social marketing. Most people who are using it focus mainly on YouTube, which while being effective, leaves the door open for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you start creating compelling video content on these channels and establish yourself early you will get ahead of the competition.
  • Emotional Connections – Similar to building trust, video content is also phenomenal at fostering an emotional connection with users. Think of any great, moving story that inspires other people; video allows you to use imagery, music, and a great story to connect in a way text content has a very hard time doing.
  • Builds Awareness – Video has been rated as one of the top tools to build awareness for anything from a new marketing campaign to a charity fundraiser. It is so easily sharable and the ability to craft compelling, emotional messages makes it a very powerful tool.
  • Compelling Storytelling – We have covered the importance of compelling storytelling with a website and many of those same concepts hold true with video content. When videos are done well it can capture a user’s attention like nothing else. How often have you seen, “You have to see this video!” on one of your social streams compared to, “You have to read this article!”

The bottom line is that engagement has begun to falter in some areas with less page views, reach on social networks and positive reaction to standard content methods. In some cases this can be blamed on the volume of content out there users have the option of sifting through. Rather than continuing along the same busy highway with everyone else, consider these 5 reasons you need more video content and how that can elevate you above the competition.