3 Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Presence

Originally published on LinkedIn.com on April 19, 2016 By Alex Pollock
Whether you’re just starting out, or well on your way, your professional brand is the key to all new opportunities.
A best-in-class profile gives you credibility, attracts new business contacts, and helps to drive referrals.
Here’s 3 tips you can you can put into practice immediately:
Complete your profile: there are 5 strength levels for you to take note of whilst building your profile presence, ranging from ‘Just Beginning’ to ‘All Star’. To reach 100% completeness, you need: your industry and location, an up-to-date position, two past positions, your education, a minimum of 3 skills, a profile photo, and at least 50 connections.
The ranking structure can be located to the right-hand side of your profile when you are editing it.

Network in groups: a sure-fire way to increase the visibility of your profile and build a relevant and targeted community. As well as recommending a number of groups for you to join, you can also search your own preferences in the groups section with keywords. One element of warning: be sure to amend the group settings, or be prepared for barrage of digest emails to your inbox

Consider your headline: an important 120 characters. The easy option is to take the pre-populated default option that LinkedIn provides, but it’s worthwhile considering telling your story by these means. Consider your value proposition and use the right keywords to make yourself more visible. It seems to have worked for me!

Let me know some of your tips in the comments below.