The Foundation's Teaching Center is Growing in Public Awareness

The Foundation's Teaching Center is Growing in Public Awareness
The world is beginning to take notice of the good work of our Bishwa Seva community!
Alison St. John, the North County Bureau Chief of KPBS and long time attendee of Deep Sound Meditations interviewed Deep and others to capture the story of Deep’s vision and the collaborative effort to implement this vision for a later broadcast on KPBS television.
Deep’s vision is to build a Teaching Center that creates permanent jobs while teaching villagers to build earthquake resistant homes in Nepal.
This vision has brought about a collaborative effort with many San Diego based groups including the Encinitas Mindfulness Community, Hubble and Hubble Architects, the NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Builders Without Borders, Priority 1 Projects and the Miller Hull Partnership. In Nepal, Engineers Without Borders and Bishwa Seva Nepal are deeply involved in implementing the work of this San Diego collaboration.
And so it begins!
The attached link (shown below) to the broadcast about your Bishwa Seva Foundation is a great start. We deeply appreciate this one time focus on our project. The broadcast takes a brief time perspective of the great work the students at NewSchool of Architecture and professor Joseph Kennedy are doing on behalf of the Bishwa Seva Foundation. It is a time for us all to pause and celebrate this achievement!

The fifty one students the Bishwa Seva Foundation sponsors will always be the Foundation’s first priority. These students have been the Foundation’s priority since our inception in 2009.
The generosity of the Foundation’s sponsors provides a significant portion of the cost of supporting these students-but not all of it. Funds raised from the sound meditations have always completed the needed funding amount.
There is always new students to be sponsored and this year is no different. Is this the year your generosity and compassion compels you to be a sponsor?
To contact Deep to participate in funding this season of our First Rains, Contact Andy to the following email address or call him, text (Preferred) to this phone number. 619-884-7901.