Capture Attention With New Features for Lead Ads

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In our continuing effort to help you grow your business, we’ve launched new features to help you grab attention and increase the performance of your Facebook Lead Ads. Try them out and see if they work for your business.
Eye-catching creative formats
Now you can show off all your business has to offer with carousel and video creative in your lead ad. These new creative formats are a great way to capture attention in News Feed and illustrate why a person should complete your lead form.
Capture Attention With New Features for Lead AdsCarousel
Use up to 5 images in one ad with the carousel format. It allows you to showcase multiple products or product details within a single ad unit or tell a story that develops across each carousel card. BMW UK used a carousel lead ad to showcase different features of a single car in order to increase signups for a test drive. Check out these best practices for using the carousel format.
VideoCapture Attention With New Features for Lead Ads.2
Now you can use a video to capture attention and entice people to complete your lead form. Check out these best practices for creating videos for mobile and apply them to your lead ad video.
Give more detail
Provide more detail to people about the benefits of sharing their information with your business with the new context card. It’s an optional card that appears after a person clicks your ad and before they see your form. In it you can use bullet or paragraph text to give more detailed information about why someone should complete your form.
The context card is especially useful if you’re looking for more qualified leads that are interested in working with your company. If you’re looking for a broader audience like newsletter signups you might not need to use the context card. We recommend testing the context card to see if it works for your business and increases your lead quality. Find out how to add a context card.
Capture leads immediately
Make follow-up easy and receive leads automatically by integrating lead ads with your email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) tools. We recently announced a new direct integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and are always adding new integrations.
If a direct integration isn’t currently available for your email marketing or CRM tool, you can use integration application like Zapier. With an integration application you can send lead information directly from Facebook to your marketing tools like MailChimp and Infusionsoft. Check out the latest list of integrations available and learn more about connecting Facebook Lead Ads with your marketing tools.

“CDI College has seen tremendous results with the introduction of lead ads campaigns. Because they let us present our message to potential students and allow them to inquire directly within the Facebook mobile experience, lead ads have had an immediate impact on our business”

Barry Masellis, Vice President Marketing and Web Operations, CDI College