86,402 Seconds In Ethiopia

Originally published on Crowdrise.com By Mallory Brown

All I want for my birthday is…
WE DID IT! Over $37,000 raised to help the women of Chapa! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. We went to work right away to kickstart these businesses, and 30 beautiful, kind, and brave Ethiopian women now have new jobs!
I cannot express the love that surrounded me as your donations came pouring in. We filmed the process to show you direct your impact. Click here to watch the new video!
THANKS AGAIN! I’m eternally grateful. Truly the best birthday ever,
For my 30th birthday, I’m going to Ethiopia (my favorite country in Africa!) with the CrowdRise 24-Hour Impact Project. I want to empower 30 Ethiopian women to start their own businesses. These women live in a small impoverished village called Chapa and currently have no source of income. They have been begging for employment opportunities, so they can buy food for their families, send their children to school, and start to pull themselves out of poverty.
On my birthday, I’ll have 24 hours to raise $30,000. The very next day, I’ll help these women begin working! I’ll provide job training, financial management classes, equipment, materials — and everything they need to run a sustainable business. I’ll film the entire process so you can see the direct, immediate result.
I first visited Ethiopia in 2012, and it instantly became my favorite country in Africa. The people are BEAUTIFUL and in so much need. As a female business owner, I’m so excited to empower these 30 women. Their first true income will transform the lives of their families and community. As I turn 30, I want nothing more.
86,402 Seconds In Ethiopia
86,402 Seconds In Ethiopia
By: Mallory Brown