Free Emotional Intelligence Session at The Brandman University

Free Emotional Intelligence Session at The Brandman University

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Workshop Announcement Update:

Bonnie Kelly & Associates will offer another free Emotional Intelligence session at the Brandman – Fairfield Campus entitled Learn To Not Take Things So Personally . For more information, please see the attached flyer.

Bonnie Kelly will further unfold the concept of Emotional Intelligence to expand your understanding of the topic. No prior knowledge of the subject is necessary to benefit from this upcoming workshop.

You can register by contacting me or by clicking on the link below.

Tuesday, August 23rd
Brandman University – Fairfield Campus
4820 Business Center Drive, Suite 100
Fairfield, CA 94534

Link to Register,

Rhea Johnson, MBA
Manager – Community & Corporate Relations

Brandman University
4820 Business Center Dr., Suite 100
Fairfield,CA 94534
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