New School For Bestia Martial Arts

New School For Bestia Martial Arts
Bestia Martial Arts has been active in the New Braunfels community for the past eight years. In addition to teaching self-defense skills, we strive to truly enrich the lives of the children and families we serve. We feel that teaching honor, self-esteem, commitment and good citizenship is just as important teaching rolling, falling, balance and physical fitness. We have always and will continue to look for ways to give back and improve our community. We offer significantly reduced rates for families with multiple members as we know how important and difficult it is for families to be able to find activities that they can all do together. We bring our students together to volunteer as a group for local agencies like the Food Bank. We offer a scholarship program for At-Risk youth. It is our hope to not only continue to be able to positively impact lives of our students but also our community in general.
We are raising money to transform our business into a non-profit 501 (c)(3) and purchase a building so that we can continue to serve our community without worrying about having to change locations every time our lease is up. We have a year left in our current lease and after much work and significant upgrades to our current location, we are going to have to find a new place to call home due to yet another rent increase. We are hoping to raise sufficient funds within the next nine months to be able to keep providing and even expand the services to our community.
Having the freedom of owning our own building will allow us to reach out to other non-profits and partner with them to make our community greater.
Help spread the word and donate at the GoFundMe page,

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