Introducing My New Book: The Cheat Code!

Originally published on on August 17, 2016 By Brian Wong
Introducing My New Book The Cheat Code
I want to share with you all that my very first book, The Cheat Code — published by Crown Business — will be released this September 6th! (Yes! I’m officially an author!) It’s like the Da Vinci Code, but better!
All jokes aside, it’s what it sounds like — a modern collection of “cheat codes” for our personal and business life. Just like cheat codes helped us jump levels and beat enemies in our video games growing up, The Cheat Code reveals real-life secrets to get ahead. These 71 cheat codes lifted me to where I’m at today.
My plan was to never write a book when I first became an entrepreneur six years ago. Yet along my way of making successful pitches to investors that raised Kiip millions, keynoting dozens of industry conferences like SXSW Interactive and CES, and joining Forbes 30 Under 30 three times — I began to realize that more and more questions were aimed towards my success like:
How do you do it?
Tell us your secret!
You’re so young, how do you stay focused?
What keeps you going?
What REALLY keeps you going?
I used to take the humble road and laugh off those questions and say “hard work” or something pretty generic —the person I’m having coffee with or interviewing me obviously disappointed. So when I finally stopped and really thought about it, I realized that maybe I actually do have specific, not-the-norm practices I implement into my everyday life that I could share.
I started to write out my daily habits— and slowly, but surely — 71 cheat codes were born. And I am so excited to share them with you.
To celebrate my book launch, on the week of August 29th I will release three cheats from The Cheat Code and then three bonus cheats on LinkedIn until September 6th. Stay tuned!
Let me know what you think through the comments below or tweeting at me with the hashtag #CheatCode!