Gold Medal Mindset Podcast by Dr. Jason Richardson

Gold Medal Mindset Podcast by Dr. Jason RichardsonPerspectives that matter from people who make a difference. Thoughts, practice, and discussion with winners on all things winning in Business, Sport, and Life. Gold Medal Mindset is about Thinking Bigger, Playing Better, Living Happier.
Gold Medal Mindset | Sport | Business | Life
By Dr. Jason Richardson | Perspectives that matter from people who make a difference
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As a World Champion and Pan Am Games Gold Medalist BMX racer, Dr. Jason Richardson always looked beyond the track to build advantages that would carry him through life. Throughout his racing career, Richardson set his eyes on several end and beginning points… earning a BA in Philosophy in 1997, an MBA in 2000, and his Doctorate in Psychology in 2010, while maintaining an ambitious racing schedule during most of his academic pursuits.
In 2010, “JRich” became known as “Dr. JRich” to clients, friends, and past competitors. His unique blend of education and professional experience sets the table for a business that plays an important role in the lives of clients in the corporate world, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the athletic field of play.