Why Does Systematizing Content Creation Help SEO?

Originally published on LinkedIn.com on August 9, 2016 By Kevin Carney
Why Does Systematizing Content Creation Help SEO.
Simply put, because being found online today is all about publishing, and you need to crank out a steady steam of good and interesting stuff to get the result you want.
For small businesses this can be a challenge, and even some very large businesses screw this up.
Why is this so hard?
It’s not, for some people. Those people are called journalists and editors. They tend to work at newspapers, magazines, and the websites associated with newspapers and magazines.
The people who find it hard tend to be marketing people.
The difference that makes the difference?
Systems. More accurately, effective systems.
When you need to publish a newspaper every day, or a magazine every month, and it needs to be full of good and interesting stuff on time, every time, you learn how to systematize the creation of content.
Does this mean it has to be a huge operation? No.
The four basic tasks of generating blog posts are:

  1. Generating titles that are both SEO friendly and interesting to humans.
  2. Creating outlines so the story has the desired flow to it.
  3. The writing (and associated research) of the post.
  4. The finding and insertion of the image.
  5. The SEO formatting stuff that didn’t get done during the prior steps.

One person can do all them, different people can do different steps, whatever works best for your business.
The main point here is that by breaking down the process into discrete steps, you improve your ability to crank out fresh and useful content at regular (and frequent) intervals.