Course of Construction Housing Converts to Permanent Accessory Dwelling Unit

We have recently been receiving requests for temporary housing for use during the course of construction. We are offering two types of house for this purpose, both of which may find a use after construction of the primary residence is complete.

1. Recreational Trailer can covert to Home Care Cottage.

This is a 400 square foot Little House that may be used in unincorporated areas of Sonoma County to house either a caregiver or a person receiving care. A doctor’s note is needed but no disclosure of medical status can be required of an applicant. Home care can be as simple as shopping assistance.The fees are under $1000 and there are no requirements for parking or septic tank expansion. Typical installed cost including permits is $70 to $90,000.00

2. Manufactured Home can convert to Accessory Dwelling Unit

This is a house up to 1000 square feet in area with 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths that complies with Sonoma County and it’s cities requirements for an Accessory Dwelling Unit. On lots served by a septic tank in the county administered area 1.5 acres are required and a septic tank expansion may be needed to accommodate the accessory dwelling unit. On lots served by a sewer only 7500 square feet lot size is required provided that lot coverage and setback requirements can be met. These houses are permanent improvements to real property which can be used for rental income. Typical installed cost including
permits is $130 to $150,000.00. These houses rent for about $2000.00/month.

For further information please call Stephen Marshall at 415-233-0423