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Parrots have some of the longest lifespans for companion animals. They are also among the most sensitive and needy of the animals that we can invite into our homes. They are opinionated, bold, and expect their human families to accommodate them, as much as we expect them to fit neatly into our lifestyle. Many times people are unprepared for the demands of these tiny bundles of energy and spirit. Sometimes life changes determine the fate of a beloved family member. For all of these reasons parrot rescues are inundated with birds that have been abandoned, neglected, abused or regretfully relinquished for their own good.

Because Parrots is a parrot focused organization, liscensed in the Solano County area. Their goal is to enlighten people on how wonderful parrots can be as companions, while still laying out how much really goes in to each beautiful bird. They strive to educate the community, provide basic parrot grooming and care, and create a social community dedicated to parrots. In addition to providing basic services, they also take in parrots who can no longer be cared for, for whatever the reason, and find them great homes!They do work with some of the other local parrot rescues and organizations.

Because Parrots is trying to raise money for new cages, toys and veterinary care due to the massive influx of displaced parrots.

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