Got Happiness? William K. Wesley’s Newest Book, ‘The Four Factors of Happiness: Open in Case of Emergency’ Shares How to Unlock More Happiness

Transformational speaker, author and Top Performance Coach, William K. Wesley’s newest book, The Four Factors of Happiness: Open In Case of Emergency, offers some poignant and insightful suggestions towards cultivating and unlocking true and lasting happiness in one’s daily life, as well as learning how true happiness delivers many rewarding experiences.

Fairfield, CA, May 31, 2018 ( – ​​​According to a recent Harris poll, 1 out of 3 people consider themselves very happy. That’s not just a tragedy, that’s an emergency. “Are you a happy person? If so, why? And how do you maintain your happiness? If not, why not?” asks author and corporate performance coach, William K. Wesley.

In his newest pocketbook entitled The Four Factors of Happiness: Open In Case of Emergency, William shares the four keys to attaining more happiness: (1) Laugh, (2) Listen, (3) Care, and (4) Compare. He asks and answers critical questions regarding the nature of happiness, why some folks seem to have more happiness in their lives, as well as how personal daily habits can either expand or diminish the amount of happiness in one’s daily life.

This little pocketbook is meant to be used as:

  • Quick reading material on a topic of interest to many people, particularly in light of today’s events
  • A resource for quick daily inspiration
  • A reference book for ideas to practice daily happiness

Within the pages of The Four Factors of Happiness: Open In Case of Emergency, William offers fun – and sometimes challenging in a playful way – exercises for the reader to examine what he or she might or might not be doing or thinking that can either bring more happiness to their careers, relationships and life in general … or push away that happiness. William’s book will also demonstrate how just making subtle changes in one’s actions and attitudes can make major shifts in one’s happiness can have many outward positive effects in careers, relationships and life in general.

For a great summer read, order a copy of The Four Factors of Happiness: Open In Case of Emergency by going to: By the way, during the month of June, 20 percent of book sales will be donated to the Police Activities League, serving the youth of Solano county.

William K. Wesley is a Full Life Balance author, transformational speaker, Top Performance Coach, corporate trainer and entrepreneur. He received his MBA and his JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where he, as a professor, also taught Management Principles, Management Communication and Organizational Development for five years. William received his BS in Business from the University of San Francisco. He is an authority on productivity, communication, presentation training, networking and life balance and has been featured and quoted often.

William’s client list includes Kaiser, USAA, PG&E, NorthBay Healthcare, State Farm Insurance, T-Mobile USA, Rotary International, Meals On Wheels, Suisun City, and Solano County Office of Education. William was recently appointed as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Fairfield. He is also a certified Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) provider with the State Bar of California who delivers Competence training to attorneys. William created the Full Life Balance book and lifestyle. William just released the second book in the Full Life Balance series called, The Four Factors of Happiness: Open In Case of Emergency.

As an entrepreneur, William helped found and is Vice-President of Programs of Carter’s Biz Cafes, a start-up membership co-sharing, business event, idea-incubating firm.

William consulted with Laney College in Oakland, California to establish a first of its kind Men’s Center on campus. William is a former San Francisco Human Rights Commissioner and past Program Coordinator of San Francisco’s Summer Youth Employment Program.

William is a Rotarian and was named Rotarian Of The Year of the Fairfield-Suisun Rotary Club for 201-2017. He is a certified sailor who also enjoys sailing, reading, writing, playing tennis, golf and chess and spending time with his wife Linda and family.

Source: William Wesley, Full Life Balance