Regaining Leadership Abilities After Rehab

Evaluated experience is the best teacher in life. Humans get the best nuggets with life’s ups and downs. And in those dark moments, we experience transformational lessons that we can take after checking out of a high-end rehab.

Lesson #1: It Takes Time to Rebuild Your Reputation

Reputation is like glass. If it breaks, you can still piece it together but you can’t return it to its polished state. What you were before you became addicted won’t matter to others.

If you were a good person before addiction took over, chances are people won’t remember that because of the associated stigma. Any form of addiction whether drugs, smoking, or alcohol, can destroy others’ perception of you. Once you sober up after rehab you can pick up the pieces and start a new life, but it might take time for the ones who got hurt along the way to embrace you again. So you must keep reconnecting.

Lesson # 2: You Don’t Give Up Even if Some People Give Up on You

When addiction takes control, you lose control over senses. You probably screwed up a lot of relationships. Though you can try apologizing, the people around you have probably gotten used to it. They are already jaded because it always comes off as insincere.

Some of your loved ones may already cut off any future contact with you. It could be that friends and family have been constantly hurt by your actions. They say that you burn some bridges in life. But relationships are definitely not the ones you should.

High-end rehab facilities have mentors that actually help you through this process. They will guide you to make positive changes.

Remember that you can only control yourself and not others. You start by controlling what you can do now and let your life be your testimony.

Lesson # 3: Temptation Might Still Be Around the Corner

There will be a strong desire to just let things happen as they happen. You’re hoping for things to go better each time you say enough is enough.

Denial does nothing but keep you moving in the wrong direction. Admitting that you have a problem and resolving it is the only way to go. Painful as it may seem, the moment you start acknowledging this, is the moment you wield your power over your addiction.

The moment you make a step forward, the more your addiction weakens its hold over your life.

Lesson # 4: There are No Silver Bullets

Even with the best teams, checking into high-end rehab is not the golden ticket to recovery. They are an immense help, but expect more work afterwards. People who are recovering from an addiction know that it wasn’t a one-time event that got them sobered up. It takes years of sobriety to finally move toward a healing process.

It’s a decision of saying ‘no’ to using drugs, alcohol, or smoking today. It’s the lasting formula that got individuals out of addiction with success.

During this time, you may or may not have many people to carry you through the ordeal. The battle will be within you – what you feel right now and what you’d want for your future. These are the same demons that will try to keep taking over you, to find loopholes and weaknesses.

It will take time, patience, and much conviction on your end, to overcome addiction and deal with it on a daily basis. You don’t win a battle and lose the war. You have to keep conquering by making daily decisions to build up the courage to overcome it.

Author Bio:
Charles Watson is a freelance health and addiction writer. If you don’t catch him at a Detroit Tiger’s game, he will be reading up on new material from his favorite author Tim Ferriss. Currently he writes from