Content Marketing Beats Social Media in India

If you are thinking to build your presence digitally then probably you might be thinking that social media is your way.

Though you are not wrong, social media is merely the iceberg tip when it is about the engagement of the audience. The actual outcomes lie within the content.

The content world is a comparatively untapped goldmine that every business must be investing in.

Understanding content marketing

Content marketing is a sort of marketing that integrates the sharing and creation of online material like videos, blogs, social media post, etc. It doesn’t overtly advertise the brand is intended for stimulating the interest in services and products.

In this era of 21st century, every marketer is integrating the method content marketing. It can enhance the awareness of the brand, building the entire communities, across the business end and driving the sales that are incremental.

According to the statistics in 2016, 75% of the businesses enhanced their budgets for content marketing, whereas 40% of businesses employ professionals of content marketing.

Content marketing beats the social media

Social media without any doubt is imperative for the businesses to execute effective digital marketing strategies. But, here are the reasons reflecting that how the content is beating the social media.

Grow your audience and establish credibility

If the content is useful, then any business can attain the audience. Establishing the credibility on social media gets
easy with the content marketing.

Without content, the business cannot reach the expected growth with social media only. So, content marketing benefits in growing audience and if you are aiming for the aspect, then it must be integrated.

Connects the audience with a brand

Content marketing is an aspect which allows the businesses brand to associate with the social media. If there will be no content then only with the social media it is not probable to connect with the brand.

Hence, this is another way that how content marketing is influencing social media.

Helps in conversion rates

Content marketing is one of the methods that can benefit businesses in enhancing the rates of conversion. It is not
probable with the social media only.

Final words

Marketers love platforms of social media, but for attracting more people, content must resonate effectively with the targeted audience. It is essential to know your audience for engaging with them and then content marketing is successful through social media. Both the aspects are incomplete without one another.



Author bio:
Emily Bartels is a Content Writer and Developer at Constant Clicks that helps businesses to grow using digital marketing practices. She has been in this industry for 5+ years and specialises in writing educative content on SEO, Social Media, businesses. She loves to read trending news to keep her updated!