The Power of Color Psychology in Web Design

A well-designed website is an indelible part of a successful business in today’s increasingly digital marketplace. Investing the time and resources to ensure the high quality of your web presentation is an essential aspect of a marketing strategy. An often overlooked element of web design is — color. The right choice of color can make or break a brand; according to DesignAdvisor, product assessment takes only 90 seconds on average and between 62% and 90% of this judgment is based on color alone!

It’s not only a matter of aesthetics; colors also convey meaning and express moods. For example, black is a popular choice for upscale brands as it is associated with high-quality, luxury products invoking feelings of power, authority and elegance. This would make it a poor choice for a budget brand as customers could be misled and make incorrect assumptions about the price range. Understanding target audiences is key — different color appeal to different groups defined by gender, shopping habits or even geographic location. Purple may be a royal color in most of the western world, but in Thailand, for example, it’s the color of mourning!

Large corporations have long embraced the importance of color for logos and branding, and this practice is finally seeping into the world of web design. Another powerful way of harnessing color to increase conversions is through CTA buttons. The main feature of any CTA is its visibility, and apart from size, color is the way to achieve it. CTA color is a popular subject of a lot of A/B testing and although there is some debate as to what the most effective one is – a general rule of thumb is that it should be in contrast with its surroundings.
The fascinating topic of color psychology in branding and web design is explored in the infographic titled 40 Facts About How Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Website Conversions. Packed with facts and stats as well as real-life examples of color use in the logos of well-known brands. Check it out below for more information on the subject.

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