Senator Dodd Statement on PG&E Power Shutoff

Senator Bill Dodd, D-Napa, released the following statement on the massive PG&E power shutoff:

“It’s beyond frustrating that we’re in this situation. Public safety power shutoffs have a role to play when they’re needed to prevent massive wildfires and the huge human and economic costs we’ve seen in recent years. However, many of my constituents are disturbed that the power was shut down before the winds started to pick up in the North Bay.

For years PG&E has done a poor job on maintenance and tree clearing, and they’re still not even close to where they need to be. That fact, along with breakdowns in communication, are unacceptable. Sadly, poor performance by PG&E is par for the course, so it’s not surprising.”

Senator Dodd authored several new laws signed last week to help address these issues going forward, including:

  • SB 167 requiring electric utilities’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans to better address medically fragile customers during power shutoffs.
  • SB 209 establishing the Wildfire Forecast and Threat Intelligence Integration Center to better target wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts.
  • SB 247 requiring the state’s Wildfire Safety Division to conduct independent physical audit inspections of PG&E’s vegetation management work.

Senator Bill Dodd represents California’s 3rd Senate District, which includes all or portions of Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Yolo, Sacramento, and Contra Costa counties. You can learn more about Senator Dodd at