Sundance Summer Catalog ~ Robert Redford's opening Paragragh

May. You start it feeling in between. Late Spring and early Summer.
Then May explodes in006to change. Suddenly it’s hot and Summer is on us. A time of freedom of movement. So what about the Summer season ahead?
There’s a new generation of young people emerging. And it’s exciting because it seems to be in contrast to a past generation. A generation that seems absorbed in apathy and cynicism as it related to engaging with our political system. To be sure, politically, the recent and even present times have been grim. Just a toxic fog of scandal, corruption, deception-no respect for the role of morality in leadership.
So perhaps there’s new hope. New voices that do care about things that are now absent. Who can help push the ball forward and up. Maybe this Summer might include some community volunteerism or enterprise.
Just a thought.~ Robert Redford Sundance Catalog
Even thought we are leaving Summer and going into Fall, I thought this thought could engage one at any time of year!