Ryan Bates's Community Bike Contribution

It seems that the people I am encountering in my daily interactions lately all have the same synergy of altruism manifesting in their environments. I welcome these new connections especially my latest, Ryan Bates, Yes Ryan Bates of Ryan Bates Photography in downtown Vacaville on Main St. Ryan recently contacted me after one of his sons outgrew his bicycle. After acquiring a new bike for him, he realized that now he had an extra bike and other parts that could possibly be used to create another bike for another child that didn’t have one or whose parents didn’t have the funds to get them a new one. Knowing that I am helping out The Optimist Club and The Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club,Ryan wrote me asking,
“I am starting a little grass roots effort to get bikes to kids and parents who can’t afford them. I am collecting bikes and reparing them to working order. Sometimes using multiple bikes to create one working one. Would you have kids or families at the Boys and Girls Club that would be interested in recieving the bikes at no charge?…”, He added, “Let me know if this is something that The Optimist Club would be interested in. I hope to have my first bikes ready for delivery in a couple weeks”. ¬†This is brilliant people, I wish I would have known about Ryans intentions sooner, about three months ago, I gave away two of my sons toddler bikes. Again, this is where connections come into play, If anyone can help Ryan in his mission, please contact him at the number below.

Ryan Bates
542 Main St.
Vacaville, CA. 95688