Happy New Beginnings to all of us in 2011!

 Mouse and cheese

Come on people, lets recognize that each year keeps getting more and more amazing.
Last year, we thought we might not financially make it and look at us now. And the Knowledge! Let’s not forget that, we are so much wiser, aren’t we? We touched the Tea Pot and we won’t touch that again, will we?
Every year, we get smarter and smarter. That is our true focus. A large amount of us have found our life long dream in careers, some of us have found the love our lives, others have accomplished things they thought they could never imagine… In opportunistic times, we come together and join forces realizing that we can all work together for the common good will of humankind.
This is our year to make an even bigger difference. Challenge yourself, go farther than you ever have before.
Next year at this time you will look back and be even more amazed. I have faith in you. I have faith in me.I know I will run farther. I know I will make an even bigger difference. I choose to stay even more connected this year. Always looking forward, never swaying to either side, This is my promise to me, this is my promise to my Source, my only Supply.
Many Blessings, Christina Baird