Volunteering without attachment is what I am preaching people!

Recently, I sat with a new colleague, I was illuminating with him how I practice running my businesses and my training in my corporate settings. The best example I had for him was the Brady Bunch episode of the family at an amusement park. The pretense is set with Mr. Brady getting his architecture designs mixed up with his kids Yogi Bear poster. What has stuck in my mind ever since I was child about this episode is how the family had the idea of just getting it done, no time for complaining, blaming or sitting around sulking. The Lone Ranger song comes on and they go into their relay mode of passing the baton. My team knows what I mean when we are in a transaction and I say,”Go Baby, Go”. Absolutely brilliant!

Brady Bunch Kings Island

In another instance this past month at one of my Non-Profit affiliation meetings, I heard the comments, “It’s Political” and “They are our Competition”. These words struck me as odd in the setting I was in. They didn’t fit in my way of thinking. I dont believe they belong in a charity atmosphere, and of course I am clarifying, “in my mind”. If these phrases belonged in these settings then there would be no room for growth or improvement. I encourage my fellow life workers to eliminate these phrases from our vocabulary when it comes to helping out in our community. If this is considered naive, so be it. I am pretty happy in my ignorance to greed and battle for the LIME LIGHT.
Volunteering without attachment is what I am preaching people! It’s Paying it Forward in the truest sense. Not asking for anything in return is the purest true intention possible. I don’t believe there is a such thing as a “Self Made Anybody” because everyone has had somebody at some point in there lives and that in itself engages us to continue with growth as the teachers and as the students because we are both at all times. Lets continue with this movement, raising this momentum of selflessness. It runs in our blood, you know?
Many Blessings, Christina Baird