YOU can ENDORSE others and create stronger bonds in your network

Choosing to share a moment of growth with you…my epiphany began at the end of last month’s luncheon. Our affair was down stairs at Creekside Bar and Grill, our space was larger than usual which meant it was harder to hear and for some reason the dish washer kept going off. The room down stairs isn’t the brightest and I just wasn’t on my game. I wasn’t in my rythem or my flow, if you will. So I apologyze to my peer group if I wasn’t my Highest Christina. It hit me after everyone had gone and my team and I were going over our successes and our points for improvement.IMG_7473

Jocelyne and and Corina are my other halves, I rely on them to tell me when I am not in my groove of highest intention. With this, I encourage getting to know our peer group at tthe luncheon or out in our community, by interviewing them and finding more “other halves” that keep us in our true integrity. If we look at our peer group for just sales then after the sales is closed what else is there to talk about if you don’t really know the person with whom you just CLOSED the transaction? How can you continue to flourish the relationship and continue the referralship exchange if you don’t fully know all that your Sphere of Influence has to offer? I encourage keeping all transactions of growth going by not selling but Interviewing and creating strong partenerships of referrals so that YOU can ENDORSE others and create stronger bonds in your network.
Many Blessings, Christina Baird