Cameron and the Optimists are working for the future

Cam CamI have heard some amazing stories and met some amazing people this month. In this months newsletter I am choosing to spread the word. My favorite 12 year old, Cameron Michael, who plays for the USSSA travel team, The River Baseball Bandits was scouted this past month and recruited to play in three tournaments. (I did not know they scouted this young.) This means that he is playing tournaments in Sourthern California, New York, and in Florida. I asked Cameron how long he has been playing baseball and his was, “Oh, all my life…” literally though,  he started at 6 years old, he went on to tell me,”that playing baeball is real fun and that it is a good way to stay fit. Well ok then, I will be endorsing my Cam Cam to start training my Boppa ASAP. That is when he gets back from all his travels…. Ooh maybe, Cameron can start a baseball camp for his juniors??
This last weekend was our Solano County’s Wine and Cheese Gala. My Optimist chapter had it’s 2nd Annual Wine and Cheese Gala at David Roth’s Mission on the Hill in Vacaville. I am proud of this event because 100% of all the efforts go to The Vacaville Optimists Chapter serving all of Solano County Childrens Cancer Fund. Cynthia Sutko presented an excellent demonstration of Wine and Cheese pairing and Mary Watkins RhythmIn Blue’s Kids performed in the background setting the perfect Ambience for the evening. Check out our Facebook event page and as soon as Michael Kendrick gets us the pictures they will be posted.