Aliegh and Peace Jam

This 17 year old altruistic prodigy has a great deal I can learn from. Three years ago, Aliegh attended a lunch meeting at her school for Peacejam. Soon after, she was approached by the president of PeaceJam to become a facilitator for Fairfield PAL. her mom and herself became facilitators so that they could fulfill their purpose of community servicAleigh Rayurbantemple2e.
I asked Aleigh what her strong pull to Peacejam was and her answer was so encouraging,  ” My focus is community service, not fund raising, we have park clean ups with the Matt Garcia Foundation and make Easter Baskets for kids…” I shared with her that it is a rarity to meet someone so altruistic at such a young age. Her response was, “Too many kids focus on themselves and not on there community, by being apart of this project, I am hoping to spread awareness that there is more out there to do. I live my life encouraging selflessness and hope to spread this thought through my generation.”
Mr. and Mrs. Ray, you are truly blessed! I pray everyday that my son is this connected at Alieghs age. Thank you for being such a positive attribute to our society and Aliegh, my offer still stands!!!! We would love to have you as an honorary member of the Optimists whenever you are ready to enlighten us with your presence.