Our Children's Favorite Reporter, Ryan Chalk

I am so excited! Have you ever read a story or even an article that inspired you to be like that writer or even a greater person? Or to meet these great people the writer is glorifying? And to write so enthusiastically and prophetic to capture such great accomplishments?
Ryan ChalkMy friend Ryan Chalk is that person. I admire him for writing such great enlightening stories about our youth in our community making a difference. I have had the greatest privilege to get to know Ryan as a peer and as a mentor. Growing up in Solano County, Ryan has had the opportunity of seeing our community from both lights which contributes to his passion and curiosity in his writing for The Reporter, our local newspaper here in Vacaville. Ryan says his passion has always been photography.
In fact, that’s how he started at The Reporter as an intern, still a student at San Francisco State University majoring in Photo Journalism his junior year. When he graduated in 2007, he came on for us as one of the photographers for The Reporter. In 2008, Ryan became the writer for the Education section focusing on our local schools and districts in our county relating to our community’s youth. Ryan’s curiosity is the ghost writer that awakens to our next generations accomplishments. He is the voice for our children in Solano County. He awakens his audiences to the betterment of the movement that brings our children to life. Right on Ryan! I applaud you and your efforts and I thank you for your contribution in making my sons peers and his educators the focal point of your curiosity.